English texts.

What knowledge are we here to gain? No knowledge. We are here to gain wisdom.
I’m here to educate. I’m a scholar, therefore I’m a teacher.
Political leaders of this planet called earth, I do not trust you. I do not believe you. I do not obey you. You are instruments. You use your so-called power to put disorder, oppression and confusion on your people – you should care for. I do not want to blame you, one should only blame oneself. Nevertheless, I do not follow you.

Religious leaders, I ask you to pursue your passion. Let others pursue their passion.
Spread the word.
No matter what confuses you – follow the light. The light, the divine Father lets shine within you and upon you.
Be free – don’t be a slave – neither be a slave of your own mind, nor a follower of another one’s.
Peace to all beings.
I am not here only to care for my own species. I am here to care for all species. The suppressed ones and the oppressing ones.
I am a spark. I will turn into a flame.
The heart shall rule over the mind. This is called spirit.



This mother Earth is alive, sacred and designed as a school. Today’s Earth’s surface “ruled” by anonymous so-called “leaders” indeed is a ghetto.
The Earth is partly hollow. Inside live a holy people – since eons.
Throughout the history of this planet, there have been various and on-going (therefore steady) contacts with creation originated from other planets.
Some came as teachers – some came to subdue us.
Today’s man is no child of a mankind created to live on earth as being her ruler, or, even being the first, the last and the only inhabitant having received a spirit. Several periods of several mankinds existed before our kind was brought into life. Therefore, we are not the *owners* of planet Earth, in fact, no one except the Father has ever been so, is, or will be. We are – indeed – creation amongst creation.
Today’s man uses his god-given free will in order to ignore god’s law. This is the dance around the golden calf.
Everyone and each one of us is meant to take care. Let us use our free will to obey and follow god’s rules – whilst disregarding those rules established by man in order to puzzle us.
I have got a small voice. But, at least, I have got a voice. I am a spark. I will turn into a flame.
People of the world, arise!
We all do live in slavery.
Do not live in silence.
Defend the divine spirit, that dwells inside yourself. Do not (never!) obey to those, who put pressure on you.
Pursue your passion.
Planets are designed as vessels. They all do carry life. In fact, they are life themselves.
Praise the Father, care for the planet.



Earth’s moon is different from what we have been taught. Within the moon’s atmosphere blow beautiful winds, being part of the organism and in order to keep this organism alive. The dark side of the moon has been occupied by an extra terrestrial race.


Earth’s Mankind is going to be connected through telepathy. We all have “supernatural” powers. Those, who want to keep us in slavery, supply us with technical communication support in order to hinder us from developing our natural resources. Within the forthcoming time, mankind will enlarge individual and collective consciousness.


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